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etzMAX Special Edition

etzMAX Special Edition Black
CHF 2'259.00

currently not available

Maximum order quantity: 2

May be ordered from our Shop only

ALL BLACK X-Body without labelling, with illuminated grinding process ..available based on availability for limited periods of time only.

Energy-efficient and fast ON-DEMAND Espresso Grinder for use at home or in small restaurants or shops (with built-in scale)


  • 3.0-5.5g/sec (dependent on cone in use)
  • RRB mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) with Anti Static Jig
  • Maximum Efficiency, constant bean feed and minimal warming of ground coffee due to perfect adaptation of motor (NEW since 2022) to burrs
  • Built-in ACAIA scale (+/- 0.1-0. 2g) - to be operated in time- or weight mode
  • 3 programmable doses
  • Low retention (<1g)
  • Easy to adjust (stepped Macro Adjust 0.1mm, stepless Micro Adjust 0.01mm)
  • Modular system enabeling users to replace parts themselves (easy to clean without tools)
  • Single Dosing possible
  • Convertible to Filterversion (Filter Kit)
  • Convertible to PLUS-version (includes cooling system)
  • Life span etzJET (motor): up to 1000kg
  • Housing etzJET made of zinc-die cast (better heat dissipation, easy reassembling of Adjustment Ring)
  • Housing made of ALuminum
  • Solid Frontplate with red Start-button
  • Different vesions/colours available

Our RRB-technology (Rotating Ring Burr), invented and designed by Christian Etzinger from 2009 to 2012 is based on eliminating statical charge while grinding by compressing the grounds. Features like low retention, our Micro-/Macro adjustment and the direct, fluffy exit of the ground coffee are a result of this technology.

Other benefits like constant feed, speed, high energy-efficiency, insignificant warming of ground coffee during the grinding process, easy and repeatable adjustability with identical point of reference are based on the burrs and their optimized geomeetry, designed in-house and manufactured on our machines in Liechtenstein.

Delivery Content CH/FL/Int: Espresso Grinder with built-in AP-cone, Inlet-Tube, Tray, 500g Calibration Weight and 200g Hopper (Shims, Brushes, Short Guide)